America and its parasite::USA and China are in a Jewish Bind


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America and its parasite In the United States, nobody is trying to copy anybody. We are trying to be ourselves, or like a star, a idol, definitely not like commoners, Standard Americans.

So where does the U.S find itself into a bind? democratic Republic.

Whether the parasite is the historic classical jew, or the democratic component of our republic is not the question. They are part of the same cause, the Jews own the dems. Where do the Jews stop owning? Between each other, you have to be a jew, or claim to be one, or show alliance to Jews.

China also is a republic, for the westerners to call it.

Of course for westerners China says their Chairman also uses the title of President.

Chinese are not bound by Truth

President Trump genius comes in.

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America and its parasite
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