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Society and culture As of 2010, India has more reported cases of TB than any other country.<ref name="Bhargava">{{#invoke:Citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=journal }}</ref> This is in part due to severe mismanagement of diagnosis and treatment of TB within the private health care sector of India that serves about 50% of the population.<ref name="Bhargava"/> There are therefore calls for the private sector to engage in the public Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program that has proved effective in reducing TB amongst the patients receiving health care through the government.<ref name="Bhargava"/>

Tuberculosis management sections
Intro  Drugs  The standard regimen  Non-compliance  Adverse effects  Deviations from the standard regimen  Tuberculosis and other conditions  Drug-resistant tuberculosis  Treatment failure  Treatment relapse  Society and culture  Trial of therapy  Surgical treatment  Nutrition  Latent tuberculosis  Current research  See also  National and international guidelines   Bibliography   

Society and culture
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