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Obama, not feared, not respected With Obama getting his balls crushed right and left, with China, the Phillipines, North Korea.

Americans are fed up with these meek presidents. Jesus himself was not meek. He was getting in the face of the rulers so much and calling them hypocrites to the point of no return. So he was accusing them, while being non-judgmental as he was doing it without inflinting on the others in a physical way. He was doing it in a caring way.

That’s were Trump comes about. He is getting in some people in power’s face. No wonder no big business endorsed him, zero, none.

He threatens their established power.

Trump and Hillary Debate sections
Intro  Man vs. Woman  Mother vs. Son   Who changed who?   Obama, not feared, not respected  Bush father votes for Hillary  Trump like Hitler\u2019s way to power   What has Jesus got to do with all this?   Concepts is no wiki weaky   

Obama, not feared, not respected
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