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Concepts is no wiki weaky Know what’s going on: follow the concepts, not the facts.

The facts are manipulated, Wikipedia became manipulated. Concepts remained pure.

The very nature of wikipedia is to change facts as history unfolds, it’s the nature of wikis. Wikis can be edited by all. Especially politics, puppet masters, and honesty becomes a weakness.

For this reason Concepts content is closed. It’s stuck in time when Wikipedia was not into political correctness but facts. Concepts is stuck where Wikipedia was driven by honesty. Concepts is simply the latest honest revision of Wikipedia.

Nobody likes things to be told like they are. Concepts need that very essence to exist.
Trump and Hillary Debate sections
Intro  Man vs. Woman  Mother vs. Son   Who changed who?   Obama, not feared, not respected  Bush father votes for Hillary  Trump like Hitler\u2019s way to power   What has Jesus got to do with all this?   Concepts is no wiki weaky   

Concepts is no wiki weaky
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