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Trump's Latino Plan is the true freedom for Latinos No longer we Latinos have to endure low paying jobs because they lack work authorization.

We can now get legal and have access to education assistance and truly profit from what twenty first America has to offer. An opportunity to all, more equal opportunity.

In the other hand, Hillary's plan is nothing new. Exploit Latinos workforce and manpower behind hypocrisy.

They make illegal Latinos believe their employer cares about them because they offer them money for their labor.

Seriously, for the amount of work we do, often our hard work and extra hours are not accounted for as the law stipulates.

We should be able to drive brand new cars instead of our used vehicles that we keep fixing as a mean of survival, not just because we are good at it, because we have no choice.

I live in Los Angeles, a car is no option, I am a Latino, my farm owner friends are really living in a different world. The world of money.

I live in the world without money. I live in the world where their investments and other pass time are none of my business.

I produce. That’s what I do. Now us producers and service providers should get treated with decent salaries and hourly rates.

This is insane the way it’s working right now. I am legal in the United States, I am a citizen, still I can’t find a job at Mc Donald’s or KFC or other fast food chain like Wendy’s. Why? Because my brother Latinos are all illegal and the boss don’t want to hire me because I am legal? Why he thinks I am a whistle blower?

I am ! Stop the nonsense America ! Vote Trump and stop the abuse of the Latino’s workforce. No more riding us like farm horses doing hard labor. We are the makers of the Greatest America, and with our rising in the middle class we will all make America Great Again.

Our rich owners, Hillary’s voters, love us as long as they keep us low and they make a lot of money off our tedious incessant work.

Our time has come, Latino's time is coming in the blessings of Donald's Trump Plan.

At least someone that is going to address our condition.

We are no cliches, don’t keep us in your backyard. We are Americans, Trumps open us the road to Citizenship and wealth.
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Trump's Latino Plan is the true freedom for Latinos
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