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About the book The story is based on the events in fictitious world centered on "Mainlands". An evil and merciless Emperor called Grimoran has risen from the west and laid siege of a sizable portion of the mainlands. His gigantic Empire (known as the Axal Empire) threatens the peace and courts destruction to the surrounding kingdoms. To repel the Emperor's invading attack waves, the remaining kingdoms of the mainland unite and form an alliance. A resistance movement leader, Eroberer meets two teenage boys Zindor and Rador who offer him their service against the Empire. The boys pledge to fight in any possible way. Eroberer sends them to a mission to acquire a set of magical objects that may serve as the defeating weapon against the Emperor. Joined by a town girl Rohya and Eroberer’s little sister Esha, they are escorted by a man they meet on their way called Nebu. Locked in a race against the Empire, the five travel together to pursue a powerful legend and collect objects, sometimes going through death-defying dangers to get them.<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref>

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