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The Flying Luttenbachers were an American instrumental unit led by multi-instrumentalist / composer / producer Weasel Walter.<ref>Chicago Reader Interview</ref> The Luttenbachers have created a large body of work focusing on an agenda of musical extremity and dissonance. Over the course of the band, the personnel has shifted numerous times around the artistic leadership of Walter, each line-up revealing a different part of the Flying Luttenbachers' aesthetic. The music has run a gamut from intense, all-acoustic free improvisation, to complex, modernistic rock composition; pure electronic noise to primitive punk-inspired jazz. The music defies idiomatic cliché and is steadfastly abstract, choosing to work outside of pre-existing genres in order to attain an original fusion.<ref>Scene Point Blank interview</ref> Walter has been quoted as drawing inspiration from the fields of hardcore punk, black metal, progressive rock, free jazz, no wave, electronic noise, contemporary classical, Balinese gamelan and Noh music.

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