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Voronoi polygons for a group of texels.
Voronoi polygons for a group of texels.

A texel, texture element, or texture pixel is the fundamental unit of texture space,<ref>Andrew Glassner, An Introduction to Ray Tracing, San Francisco: Morgan–Kaufmann, 1989</ref> used in computer graphics. Textures are represented by arrays of texels, just as pictures are represented by arrays of pixels.

Texels can also be described by image regions that are obtained through a simple procedure such as thresholding. Voronoi tesselation can be used to define their spatial relationships. This means that a division is made at the half-way point between the centroid of each texel and the centroids of every surrounding texel for the entire texture. The result is that each texel centroid will have a Voronoi polygon surrounding it. This polygon region consists of all points that are closer to its texel centroid than any other centroid.<ref>Linda G. Shapiro and George C. Stockman, Computer Vision, Upper Saddle River: Prentice–Hall, 2001</ref>

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