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Intro   Unwrapped?    \"Sweet iron\"   Indian Wind powered Furnace   It wasn't called Turkey 4000BP   \"containing too much carbon to be called steel\"   Strength vs. Temperature    Hi pls clarify    Recycling sources biased?    Recycling fact    Density    Steel gas?    Steel, Hiroshima and spaceships    Mention of steel in the Bible    Issue with references   Conjuring Trick??  Ingots cast   BOS vs EAF steel    Dangling modifier    Chemical formula    Austenite at room temperature    Wrought iron and suggested change    Edit request on 10 December 2011    Map translation needed    Historical balance    production, in Properties section, near the top    high speed steel    Edit request    \"Bloomery Smelting During the Middle Ages\" Issue    suspect sources in History of Steelmaking    Intro text is a bit too pedantic    Environmental effects of steel making    An insipid statement?    Lead sent    External links modified   

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