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Why only moon? Looking at the list of translations, I was surprised to notice that only names referring to moon or first day of the week have been listed. I find it unlikely that it could really be so, that all languages have it that way. In Finnish the day is called "maanantai", which _to my ear_ sounds like a transcription of the Swedish word måndag, meaning Monday. Most other weekdays have names similar to their Swedish counterparts, as well. However, since Finnish comes from a different language family than Swedish, the words don't actually mean anything at all in Finnish - and have never meant. If it was called "moon day" in Finnish, it would be "kuun päivä", which is kinda different from "monday". I'd guess the names must have been brought by the Swedes when they took over Finland, transforming it from the last European wilderness into the system of all land area divided into states with fancy flags.

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Why only moon?
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