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Should it be pointed out somewhere that the plural is "media"?

Daniel C. Boyer

I removed the first example because, IMHO, water is not a medium for salt, since a medium is not only a carrier, but (being in the middle, as in the latin sense) it is necessarily a carrier OF something TO something else, with both a starting and an ending point of the journey, and water brings salt TO nowhere specifically (salt moistures with water making a composite newer "thing", and it would get out of it only after a separation of the resulting composite). The example of art can be accepted if we commonly intend that (quite rethorically) - i.e. - "marble was the medium that let us appreciate today the art of Michelangelo". But, is this really worth being the first example?

The following sentence was found in the editing history, but it has been removed:
In religion, a medium is a person who acts as a 'mediator' between the living and the dead spirits.
I have seen ([1]) that the term is widely used in english with this meaning too. Given that, in case, it refers to spiritism rather than to religion, why was it deleted by previous contributors instead of correcting it?
I'd add it again to the article, if someone agrees.
I have added it again. People may want to copyedit this but I think it has to be there (it is linked from automatism, for example.
Daniel C. Boyer

Finally, human brain isn't in any intermediate position: it receives or it (hopefully) produces, it is either the starting point or the final stop of information, unless we wish to discuss whether there is something else in us apart from head and heart (but this would be inappropriate here) or that a man's brain can be merely instrumental to us (to which part of us?) or to someone else, but this would perhaps be satire. --Gianfranco

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