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In Tennessee, the chief executive of each county is also referred to as a "mayor". This has been the case for several decades in Nashville, which is a consolidated city-county {"Metropolitan Government"), but also in Memphis-Shelby County, which is not -- the mayor of Memphis and the Mayor of Shelby County are separate people. The two small consolidated city-counties, Lynchburg-Moore County and Hartsville-Trousdale County, have also had this styling since they adopted this form of government. A couple of years ago it was decided to adopt this styling for the heads of all of the other counties, also, replacing the cumbersome "county executive" which was seldom used, perhaps in an attempt to end the use of "county judge" and "county judge-executive", which have had no legal standing since 1978 but which continued to be used. Before adding it to this article, I would really like to know if that is used in other states for the chief executive of a county, and if so which ones.

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