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"A branch of a country's navy which fights on land."

I believe that historically many ships carried marines to defend the ship itself from pirates, etc., rather than to fight on land per se. Can anyone clarify?
You're right, and I removed the "fights on land" phrase. --the Epopt

im askin bout Italic text

"Originated from the fact that it was an act of war for a country to send its army into another country but not to send its navy."

Given that the phrase "act of war" is meaningless rhetorical noise -- there is no list of such things -- I doubt that this assertion is true. Can anyone provide a citation? --the Epopt

i was asking bout space stuuf

This is not very wiki. It is neither article or disambig. See main wiki pages for complaints about hybrids like this. Separate articles required where mini essays have been started! Disambig needs to be shorter and to the point! 07:50, 18 October 2005 (UTC)

I think this layout is fine. It's handy to know the different uses of the word "Marine". But, yes, you're right - shouldn't this link to a proper page on "Marine"? Call it something else, because it's like typing in "Piano" and getting a list of Italian and French and Dutch words that "Piano" means in their languages. If you know what I mean.
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