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Intro   Advantages section    Multitasking    Strange acronym    MSH    Low-level example    \"I hate the command-line\"   [[Talk:Command-line_interface?section=_NPOV_| NPOV ]]   CLI as a way to interact with programs, not computers    CLI vs GUI section    CLI versus command prompt   Example CLIs  Editor is removing material in CLI vs GUI which perfectly accurate and verifiable  [[Talk:Command-line_interface?section=_Should_Command_line_interpreter_be_merged_into_this_article?_| Should Command line interpreter be merged into this article? ]]  CLI and Resource Protection   What's the difference between a command line interpreter and a command line interface   Cmd.exe   Character user interface (CUI)   Image copyright problem with File:Command prompt on windows vista.png   New age CLI   Suggest merge  Suggest command line interface (no hyphen)    Command-line styles    early operating systems (sic)    introduced the concept (sic)    invented terminology    distinction between dumb/smart terminals   

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