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Talk:Bleach sections
Intro   There's a problem with ref #3   [[Talk:Bleach?section=_Should_this_article_be_merged_with_sodium_hypochlorite?_| Should this article be merged with sodium hypochlorite? ]]   Bleach graphic?    Obadasi Study Perspective   Occurrence of Potassium chlorate   Sodium chloride and salt    Ref 13 no longer available    Environmental safety    Major cleanup    Resistant micro-organisms    Dilution ratio incorrect for disinfecting food contact surfaces    why does the milton sterilization method point to bleach? there are no details about this method in this article    Dead link for ref 19?    Medical use    This is ridiculous    Elemental Chlorine    Chemistry of Hypochlorite    Disinfection (formerly Dilution)/Water Treatment    Chloride of lime?    Use-by dates   File:Clorox Bleach Bottle.jpg Nominated for speedy Deletion   Mode of Action has a misleading explaination    Toxicity    Chemical interactions seems bloated and unsourced.   

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