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Taffy is a nickname for:

  • Clarence Taffy Abel (1900–1964), first United States-born player to become a National Hockey League regular player
  • Edward George Bowen (1911–1991), Welsh physicist and radio astronomer who helped develop radar
  • William Taffy Davies (1910–1995), Welsh footballer
  • Herbert Jones (footballer) (1896–1973), English footballer
  • Mary Taffy Nivert (born 1944), American songwriter and singer, member of the Starland Vocal Band
  • Eugene Taffy O'Callaghan (1906–1946), Welsh footballer
  • Isaac Taffy Spelman (1914–?), English footballer
  • Hendrick Waye, Australian rules footballer in the early 1900s
  • Hugh Taffy Williams (1933–1996), Welsh mercenary
  • Taft Taffy Wright (1911–1981), American Major League Baseball player
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