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Dialects There is sufficient dialectal variation in Taa that it might be better described as a dialect continuum than as a single language. Taa dialects fall into two groups, suggesting a historical spread from west to east:<ref>Naumann (2011) "A preliminary classification of Taa dialects".</ref>

  • West Taa: Traill's West ǃXoon and Dorothea Bleek's Nǀuǁʼen
  • East Taa
    • !Ama (Western)
    • (Eastern)
      • East ǃXoon (Lone Tree)
      • Tsaasi–ǂHuan
        • Tsaasi
        • ǂHuan

Traill worked primarily with East ǃXoon, and the DoBeS project is working with ’Nǀohan (in East Taa) and West ǃXoon.

ǀ’Auni and Kiǀhazi, previously considered dialects of Taa, were more divergent than the dialects here, and are now classified as a distinct language, Lower Nossob.

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