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Side projects Members of the Swingin' Utters have been involved in many musical side projects, most notably Johnny Bonnel, Darius Koski, and Spike Slawson's Filthy Thievin' Bastards (formed in 2000).<ref name="Bell">Bell, Mike (2001) "Swingin' into Utter despair",, June 1, 2001, retrieved September 30, 2012</ref><ref name="Thrasher">"Filthy Thieving Bastards", Thrasher, July 1, 2002, retrieved September 30, 2012</ref><ref name="Weiser">Weiser, Rosy (2012) "Darius Koski, Santa Cruz County Stories: Keeping the rock-n-roll spirit intact", Santa Cruz Sentinel, April 30, 2012, retrieved September 30, 2012</ref> Druglords of the Avenues with Johnny Peebucks singing (formed in Oakland, California in 2004), and Spike Slawson's Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (in which he is the vocalist).<ref name="Laban">Laban, Linda (2005) "Punk act Me First is wacky to the last", Boston Herald, January 10, 2005, retrieved September 30, 2012</ref><ref name="Elfman">Elfman, Doug (2005) "They've got it covered", Las Vegas Review-Journal, February 18, 2005, retrieved September 30, 2012</ref>

Drummer Greg McEntee also joined Viva Hate in February 2007, and the Re-Volts are fronted by Spike Slawson, with Darius Koski and Jack Dalrymple on guitar for their first record. Dalrymple was the former vocalist/guitarist for fellow Fat Wreck band Dead to Me as well. Jack also sings and plays guitar in 2 bands that are on Adeline Records, first is the infamous One Man Army which recently reunited after almost a decade of hiatus and released a new EP. The 2nd is a brand new band named ToyGuitar which Jack is joined by Miles Peck on guitar as well. Miles is also the lead singer and guitarist in bay area punk band The Sore Thumbs.

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