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Victims No choice is what the world has become. Once you choose to degrade values that made nations possible, into seeking wealth at all costs, you just get your soul owned. Your aspirations shattered, your dreams flushed down into one dream only. To pay off your credit cards so you don’t become homeless.

Hopelessness, drives homelessness, this world is too much of a toll on single people.

Now Steve Branon understands that worshippers of negative gods, are a danger to human kind. This whole world has been taken over by negativity. Unless light bearers say no for the rest of us. It will just drive the nail deeper and deeper into our flesh, into our hands, into our feet, until we become totally impossible to serve our god, the god of good, speak up and walk around freely.

Wether you are Christian or Muslim or a non-hypocrit and committed to your soil. You will realize, with real eyes you can save yourself and people from the doom of humanity.

Unless you want people to end up like dinosaurs, dead by suffocation, dead by lack of oxygen, you will support climate change which is nothing else to make air a private property. So now they own where you walk, what you breathe, and what you think by constant and incessant bombardment of devil’s work entertainment and other distractions from the path of enlightment.

Disconnect yourself from the devil’s work. Trash your TV, trash the mainstream internet and join humanity’s chance to save itself. For your children, for who you really are.

Now here is what the media is hidding, the truth:

Jews are a lower race. Low physical bones, low thinking. Self destructing coniving kind. Never able to sustain for themselves. Lazy. Only can achieve production by controlling other people, the means of empowerment and they get exclusivity of it. By themselves they wouldn’t be able to function as a society. Without fake cries touching foolish Christians they wouldn’t have a state. Their mental state too unstable because worshipping the devil. Only worshipping a good God, good for all, compassionate, that you may experience a sense of safety, get home in your heart and channel the powers of the divine.

Jews are insecure, insensitive. Because they worship a devil that needs.

A devil that needs things, constantly need more wealth, constantly need more power.

So they get a bit of feeling what is called happiness.

This happiness they experience is not joy. It’s grin. Grinning at other people’s condition while they get on top.

It doesn’t last. Because Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and other religions believing in good compassionate Gods are happy regardless of their conditions.

So it makes Jews angry, mad, insecure, that with their wealth, they can’t find joy. It’s true happiness, see.

Joy is more potent than any force, like driven by trillion of dollars in venture capitalist money, joy gets people together and create a wealth of force that no jew can ever harvest.

So now they try to own the air, to make us suffer, like they made suffer countless of martyrs and other speaker of truth.

Martyrs are not victims, they are witnesses of the highest God.

The Christian God, not the one sold by the Catholic, the one who was Jesus Christ the man. He didn’t write his accounts, other did for him. Some apostles were corrupted by Jews.

Jesus knew it was going to happen. So when you read the bible, just read the words of Christ, in red in a lot of Bibles. Anything else is interpreation and sometimes manipulation by corrupted apostles.

Are you a follower of Christ or are you a follower of Saint Paul, of Saint John?

Some stopped being saints once they accepted to change their accounts for compensations.

They became instantaneously, not Luciferian, but devil worshippers.

Lucifer was never the devil. Lucifer is an angel that had so much compassion for humans that he told God to do more for them.

By saying such a thing to God, he was sent to earth as a human, a fallen angel.

Unfortunately all luciferians are now no more, they are devil worshippers. They got lost in the work of Lucifer. Therefore Lucifer and God are now trying to get together and reconcile their relationship, to save the world from the devilish slope it keeps turning and rolling in.

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