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Stanley Steingut (May 20, 1920 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York City – December 8, 1989 in New York City) was an American politician, New York Democratic Party leader, insurance operative and lawyer. He took over his father's position as boss of Brooklyn County Democratic politics and eventually parlayed that position to become Speaker of the New York State Assembly. Before reaching that office, Steingut engaged in a power struggle with Reform Democrats beginning in the early-1960s, when he was an early and powerful supporter of Robert F. Kennedy's bid for Senate from New York. Reform Democrats combined with Rockefeller Republicans to deprive him of the Speakership in 1965. He would not take over party leadership in the Assembly until 1970. Political enmity did not then die out, and allegations of self-dealing began to dog him. Ultimately at the height of his political power within the Assembly, a primary challenge arose from a nearly unknown candidate. Although Steingut was supported by high profile Democrats, and employed a court challenge to save his seat, he ultimately lost. He spent the rest of his life as a lawyer with a few paid political appointments.

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