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Education and degrees Most universities offer degrees in social science fields.<ref>Peterson's (Firm : 2006- ). (2007). Peterson's graduate programs in the humanities, arts, & social sciences, 2007. Lawrenceville, NJ: Peterson's.</ref> The Bachelor of Social Science is a degree targeted at the social sciences in particular. It is often more flexible and in-depth than other degrees that include social science subjects.<ref>A Bachelor of Social Science degree can be earned at the University of Adelaide, University of Waikato (Hamilton, New Zealand), University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia), University of New South Wales (Sydney), University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China), University of Manchester (Manchester, England), Lincoln University (Christchurch, New Zealand), National University of Malaysia (Bangi, Malaysia), and University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia).</ref>

In the United States, a university may offer a student who studies a social sciences field a Bachelor of Arts degree, particularly if the field is within one of the traditional liberal arts such as history, or a BSc: Bachelor of Science degree such as those given by the London School of Economics, as the social sciences constitute one of the two main branches of science (the other being the natural sciences). In addition, some institutions have degrees for a particular social science, such as the Bachelor of Economics degree, though such specialized degrees are relatively rare in the United States.

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