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The Pyramid / Hierarchy of Skills is similar to the Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

A skill is the learned ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both.<ref>Howland, J.L. (2013). Facts101: Textbook Key Facts. Contents Technologies Inc.". Retrieved 2015-10-03.</ref> In other words, the abilities that one possesses. Skills can often be divided into domain-general and domain-specific skills. For example, in the domain of work, some general skills would include time management, teamwork and leadership, self motivation and others, whereas domain-specific skills would be useful only for a certain job. Skill usually requires certain environmental stimuli and situations to assess the level of skill being shown and used.

People need a broad range of skills in order to contribute to a modern economy. A joint ASTD and U.S. Department of Labor study showed that through technology, the workplace is changing, and identified 16 basic skills that employees must have to be able to change with it.<ref>joint ASTD and U.S. Department of Labor study -Retraining 50 Million Americans: The Electronically Mediated Solution". Retrieved 2012-03-15.</ref>

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