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Zen or Tao I don't know I am a westerner. Same as eery and eerie to me.

I live in China, you know for the coming year, it's going to be Zen. My finances are low. My Chinese is poor. I take it Zen, Tao possibly.

The only plan right now is to take it easy, as I seem to sink into that impenetrable culture. Full of wealth, corroding western thoughts like paint on the seaside.

That sure is not for everyone. It's a journey for myself. I deserve it.


Shatter Death sections
Intro  Eeriness  Darkness for the good cause  Non-verbal innerspace self  Control freak of innerspace  Zen or Tao  Survive the West - Brace for the east  Washington makes sense  Exploring innerspace for a qualified God  I dont finish anyth  Saving humanity from physical humans  Pillars of the west - Shelves of the east   The U.S. is closing down for new ownership  Museum or Library \u2013 Up to the passerby  Innerspace time  Concepts  Kindle  Retracting to a spark size light  Amazon \u2013 the Kindle Cloud Reader  

Zen or Tao
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