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Saving humanity from physical humans Discuss with my most inner selves about things that are not obvious and makes home communications difficult. In essence I want to establish protocols of communications with my inner self.

How does my non-verbal inner self declare things complete? Let alone declare things. It doesn't declare, it doesn't say, it just feels. That's all I get in everyday life. The static. Not that it's non worthy, but it's distorted by everyday hungers and indigestions. As to get a face to face communication, it takes quite a bit of knowhow, time and mind power to get to that state of emptiness, that state of eeriness, so I can get there. And satisfy the urge, to have a neverland time of nothingness.

==Neverland time of nothingness

So far the process is quite lengthy, time consuming, exhausting, although fail-proof. It requires to travel to an innerspace place, cut all communications to anything western, and essentially get lost in a foreign land.

Then, my most inner self, that seem to adore eeriness, just pops up in the darkness. And I find myself again, for timeless moments of joys and sharing.

However in terms of external projects.

It's as magical as standing up in the morning and go about work. I teach young Chinese how to think with ethics, reason and some pillars of the west that seem to be shelves in the east.

Shatter Death sections
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Saving humanity from physical humans
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