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Non-verbal innerspace self There are many parts of myself that I integrate throughout the years. Shattered pieces I get back. I like to get the pieces that are far, small and sharp, like when break when you break a cup and pieces of shatter go sneak in remote places under things, waiting to come out to hurt you or others.

So I go get them first. So I know where they are and where they stand, so they can't cut me. They still do, but in my timing.

Shatter Death sections
Intro  Eeriness  Darkness for the good cause  Non-verbal innerspace self  Control freak of innerspace  Zen or Tao  Survive the West - Brace for the east  Washington makes sense  Exploring innerspace for a qualified God  I dont finish anyth  Saving humanity from physical humans  Pillars of the west - Shelves of the east   The U.S. is closing down for new ownership  Museum or Library \u2013 Up to the passerby  Innerspace time  Concepts  Kindle  Retracting to a spark size light  Amazon \u2013 the Kindle Cloud Reader  

Non-verbal innerspace self
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