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transformation Transforming your monolity into stability.

The male and female within are very agitated. A big bang occurs.

The universe explodes, planet forms.

The new game starts again. Planets, people.

But this time the monolitic God-Godess knows to avoid Desires.

So this world is a world without desires for God. So humanoids or whatever form they are... maybe thin air.

Their goal is to find god as well.

Or rather what God wants.

What God wants then is to escape desires to do anything. Just be.

So the universe is spinning, things are cycling. And "people" or the life forms don't do anything. They just are.

They don't live. They don't breathe, they don't die.

They just have one state. Being.

In this beingness comes boredom.

In this boredom, full of pleasures, since all desires have been satisfied.

It's boredom of constant pleasure that binds the God-Goddess.

So now God-Goddess Aspires.

The God-Goddess aspires for something different, change, motion.

This aspiration becomes a desire but the god goddess knows better than going into desires at this point.

So aspiration becomes instant transformation. Into the desire.

So lots of pleasures become no pleasure. Even a bit of pain.

That's change and that feels good. Like a kick in the butt when you need one.

The God Goddess now has pain and pleasure. together.

It's again into a duality. It's again circles looping and wanting to close the loop.

God Godess feels.

God Godess feels what humans felt.

God is making Lucifer an angel again, he gets his wings back. Lucifer becomes an ascended fallen Angel.

God Loves Lucifer Again. Lucifer succeded on his mission to earth.

The pain was Lucifer's predicament in the first place, he got sent to earth in the first place because humans felt too much pain and God was not doing anything about it.

So now God has compassion.

But Lucifer is the new God. That's as compassionate as it gets.

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