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Lucifer is the new God He is sending Gods on the earth.

To recapitulate, in this new universe created by that new big bang, you now have these people, whatever form they are, they are beings.

So you have these beings extremely powerful that can cause instant transformation.

They are gods with gods. In a place where they need to learn compassion.

So they keep loving and destroying each other and keep spawning, they are eterneal.

Another life form is created that gets born and reborn, almost instantly. Time and Space never existed in neither worlds anyway, neither this one or the precedent.

So now in looking for compassion, Gods down there are getting stuck in trying to, not chase money, that was caused by the previous big bang, where God was lead by desires, slave of desires, bound to desires, afraid of desires, afraid of Lucifer, who had desires to help humans.

Now the new Gods are too busy to ... see in the next big bang.

Now the new Gods can only be free and get to the next big bang by...getting free of all this.

Yet again, until God is free of God. And keeps creating and attaching, and doing and not doing.

God-Goddess dies.

But God is eternal, how to die?

No need to die, no need to live.

Nothingness without God in it.

Godless. No life, no thing, no space, no time.

God keeps expanding instead of dying.

So God tries to retract.

The universe is now retracting.

But power keeps accumulating, pression, like God is going against God, which is since God is killing itself in the process.

God finally arrives to the point of total retraction. One spec is left to go.

Like a heart waiting for its beat, there is a suspense.

Is this like spec God able to break?

What would God break it with, it needs to break itself.

That last spec is unbreakable. It's God core.

It can only be broken by another God. God could create one, but go back to duality ... So god know he would go back into a pattern of desires, and the whole thing again.

So God remains in one spec. One piece of dust.

God can only kill that dust by making it reborn.

That's the way to kill in God's world where everything is eternal and made by God.

So God change dust into beauty.

Creates a magnificent bird, a phoenix, very powerful, very beautiful.

God created again.

God is pleased, he is bound to pleasures again.

God is not free.

Another Lucifer gets down to earth.

Happiness is in Cycle. God lives in cycles. there is no way out in an all encompassing God.

Duality is doomed.

Triality needs to exist.

So God creates a universe with even more dimensions.

For the being in that universe, they see in 4D.

Scientists are looking into the structure of the universe and know they are infinite dimensions. Like there always was.

But now there is pain, pleasure and the suicide killer.

One pain and pleasure disappeared, suicide killer can end itself.

Like the last spec of God, the last dust disappearing after killing God.

God will not kill the last spec, God will become the last spec and be killed by a suicide killer. God created.

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Lucifer is the new God
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