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Islamic State So there is no need in fighting ISIS. It's God's design.

Let us be killed, let not be afraid of death.

Let's not mourn, let's not panic.

That is God's fear. Change.

Suicide killer learnt compassion in the last life. All life form yet get executed.

Until one muslim state is instored into God's eye.

That one is killed because God wants to be. And don't want killings.

So muslim state doesn't rise into God's heart.

Chinese state rises.

Because that one has no killing. Zombies everywhere. But happy zombies, dwelling the world, devouring the world's pleasures, not caring about pain, not caring. If someone dies, it dies, if something to pick up I pick up, if something there, it's mine, if something here, I go.

So China rises in that world.

Deambulating god like creatures.

But then God wants revolution. It wants more and more. The deambulating god like creatures take over all the world. They chase after everything, use everything.

The communist party is God. God is the communist party, in charge of all this.

But then the mass Gods rise against the ruling Gods.

They all unite to corner God's party.

It leaves the earth plane into a revolution's place. United, with mnonolity.

China will nuke itself at the last resort to not loose power. The earth will collapse. Only a few will escape, in space crafts. Chosen by God for their representation of angelic and demonic features.

They will escape. replicate or die?

Will the angels and the devils create an offspring?

It's looping again.

How to stop the loop?

by containing China from absorbing it all?

Impossible. It would go through any loop hole.

How can God contain itself to a single step? a single dust?

By creating creating beings who know all this. By creating people who will hide the truth from each others. By creating a world operating on secret rules. So people never try to escape, be free, or desire what will destroy the world.

That's both China and the West.

So in the meantime God experiences itself. Knowing that trying to escape himself is going against the grain, God will keep respawning in another big bang form.

God like creature will keep seeking pleasure, fight and everything else to diverse degrees.

But all God wants to do is disappear.

It's programmed in us. It scares us, it scares God.

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Islamic State
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