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Death Is nothing.

Expectation, no control.

That's what god enjoys. Because God sees it all.

God loves madness. It helps getting out of the loop.

Creative madness. Dumb madness, absolute madness, unbounded madness, mad madness.

That's what God digs at heart.

No wonder why so many Godlike creatures act like control freaks.

They are afraid of their own nature.

Until one really represents what God is.


Raging wars.


Aspiring at something.

God really wants us to shatter the earth to pieces.

It might create a chain reaction. Planets changing the course of time. time changing the course of space, the space time continuum defeated. Shattering space in a large scale.

Star wars.

Universe wars.

Controlled by all, but one mad one.

Representing it.

God's longing.

For more change.

For all, and everything.

Breaking the loops. God's loop.

lo op.

low hope

God has low hope of conquering itself to nothing. But God still gets excited about it.

Hope is the next goal. Hope comes out of darkness.

But what comes out of nothing?

What would come out of God if God could kill its last spec of dust?

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