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{{#invoke:Side box|main}} Sapiens, a Latin word meaning wise, may refer to :

  • Berengarius Sapiens, a designation for Berengar the Wise, the count of Toulouse (814-835) and duke of Septimania (832-835)
  • Felis sapiens (also Felix sapiens), a fictional, sentient, humanoid species from the Red Dwarf television series
  • Gaius Laelius Sapiens (ca. 188 BC-?), a Roman statesman
  • Gildas Sapiens, a designation for Saint Gildas (c. 500–570), a 6th-century British cleric
  • Homo sapiens, the species Latin name of the Human beings
  • Hydro Sapiens, an art performance performed by The Lunatics from The Netherlands
  • Icthyo sapiens is a species designation given to at least two fictional characters:
    • The Mariner, played by Kevin Costner in the sci-fi film Waterworld
  • Robo-Sapiens, the debut album by Malibu
  • Sapiens International Corporation, a computer software company
  • Vipera Sapiens, an EP by Brazilian heavy metal band Viper
  • a designation for Cato the Elder (234 BC–149 BC), a Roman statesman
  • a designation for Cenn Fáelad mac Aillila (died 679), an Irish scholar
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, 2014 book by Yuval Harari

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