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SES S.A limited by the concept of satellite Old revolution, failed coup.

SES S.A. needs to invest in high altitude drones. Not low altitudes satellites. If you want to make a revolution, do one that is current. Not awaited for the last 30-year in the making. It's the age of drones, it's the age WiGig, Plume, PureLifi, where each of these smart device technology can act as a relay router and expand the existing network range on the fly, no pun intended.

SES S.A. needs to be praised for its revolutionary spirit. However it's a baby revolution, that is going to be squashed by real Che Guevaras. Just because SES S.A. waited for 30 years doesn't make them leader, it makes them longing.

That longing won't pay. What would pay up is to give up the satellite business and embrace the high altitude fixed drones.

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SES S.A limited by the concept of satellite
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