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Family He had a son (unknown name) as the Devereux line remained evident in records into the 14th Century. On 25 September 1188 Roger Devereux and his son, Bartholomew, were listed on the charter of John, Bishop of Norwich, confirming grants to Dodnash Priory, Suffolk, at its foundation.<ref>John Horace Round (editor). Ancient Charters, Royal and Private, Prior to A.D. 1200. Part I (no Part 2 published). Pipe Roll Society, Volume 10. (London: Wyman & Sons, 1888). Page 87-88</ref> In Norfolk around 1214, the Bigod family transferred two fees of Forcnet Manor in Norfolk to Bartholomew Devereux<Ref group=lower-alpha>The Curia Regis Roll 112 for Michaelmas Term, 16 John (1214) on Membrane 1, page 260 for Suffolk shows: Robert de Colevill, Adam de Bedingefeld, Walter de Valoines, Andrew Malherbe, 4 knights who were summoned to make a choice. Twelve to do the great assize between Matilda daughter of Salerne, petitioner, and Henry son of Ade, tenant, of 1 carrucate of land with appurtenances in Frecheton, whence the same Henry, who is holding it, he laid himself on the great assize of the Lord of the King and seeks greater recognition to be made whether he should have right in that land, and that if she, Matilda, and if the ancestor Siredus was seised of the same land as Maud in the time of the father of King Henry. They came and chose there: Robert de Runhal, Michael de Bavent, Roger de Ho, Walter de Soterie, Bartholomew De Evreux, Roger de Kesnet, Richard de Wikelowe, Ralph de Weston, Hubert de Randeston, Ives de Kesnet, Edmund de Tudeham, Hugh de Gosebec, Henry de Hes, Peter de Poit, William de Bremford, Hubert de Gernagen. A day is given them in the morrow of All Souls, and then come twelve.</ref><Ref group=lower-alpha>The Curia Regis Roll for the Michaelmas Term, 16 John (1214) on Membrane 2, page 265 for Suffolk shows: Osbert de Baudresheia gives half a mark for license to agree with Bartholomew De Evreux of a plea of land, etc. The same Bartholomew gives half a mark for the same. And know that Mathew Jord and Petronilla, his wife, Bartholomew had summoned to warranty in the very county because without them the concord could not stand as they held the land. They also come in the morrow of All Souls.</ref> who is stylized as Lord of Hardwick. These Devereux's held Startson-Hall Manor in Earsham Hundred. Bartholomew was succeeded by a Roger Devereux, and then Ralf Devereux who married a woman named Dionise. Ralf Devereux sold his property in 1308 to James Herwardstoke,<ref>Francis Blomefield. An Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk (London; W. Bulmer & Company, 1806), volume 5, page 345.</ref> and no further record of this family has been found.

He may have had a daughter or grand-daughter that married into the Picot family as part of the Norfolk lands passed to Roger Picot who later granted them in 1196 to Deodate, Prior of St. Faith at Horsham, and the convent there.<ref>Francis Blomefield. An Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk (London; W. Bulmer & Company, 1806). Volume 5, page 6.</ref>

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