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Roger Devereux was the son of William d'Évreux.<ref>Lewis C. Loyd. The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families (Baltimore; Genealogical Publishing Company, 1975), page 41</ref><ref name = FAL1985>M. Jackson Crispin and Leonce Macary. Falaise Roll. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1985). page 41</ref> There are indications he fought at Hastings as he was rewarded with lands in Norfolk that he held on the Domesday Survey in 1086.<ref name = "ROE1">Anna Powell-Smith, Open Domesday, accessed March 18 2012, Roger of Evreux</ref> A noble's Tenant-in-Chief in England often reflects the area of Normandy from which they originated. Roger was a follower of William de Ecouis, and Ecouis is in the region of Normandy near to Évreux and Rouen which were the main holdings of the Counts of Évreux.

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