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Asteroids discovered: 7
8409 Valentaugustus November 28, 1995
11602 Miryang September 28, 1995
12005 Delgiudice May 19, 1995
23612 Ramzel January 22, 1996
26906 Rubidia January 22, 1996
37687 Chunghikoh August 30, 1995
39645 Davelharris August 31, 1995

Robert Weber (1926–2008)<ref name=jpl>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> was an American astronomer who ran the precursor to the LINEAR project shortly before his retirement in 1996. Data were collected by manually entering telescope pointing positions and requesting an image save. Searching twenty fields was a taxing experience. They did have automatic object detection working, but no starfield matching at that time.

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