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No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Heaven Fall Down"  Peter Kipley, Phillip LaRue, Phil Wickham 5:16
2. "Joy"  Jason Ingram, Kipley, P. Wickham 3:48
3. "One God"  Kipley, P. Wickham 3:47
4. "At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh)"  Tim Hughes, P. Wickahm 3:54
5. "This Is the Day"  Evan Wickham, P. Wickham 3:28
6. "All I Want Is You"  Ingram, Kipley, P. Wickahm 4:21
7. "God of Our Salvation"  Wickham 4:20
8. "Sun & Moon"  Kipley, P. Wickham 4:30
9. "This Love Will Last Forever"  Ingram, Kipley, P. Wickham 3:28
10. "All I Am"  Mallory Wickham, P. Wickham 3:43
11. "The Victory"  P. Wickham 4:57
Track listing
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