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{{#invoke:Sidebar|sidebar}} In astronomy, a resonant trans-Neptunian object is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) in mean-motion orbital resonance with Neptune. The orbital periods of the resonant objects are in a simple integer relations with the period of Neptune e.g. 1:2, 2:3 etc. Resonant TNOs can be either part of the main Kuiper belt population, or the more distant scattered disc population.<ref>Hahn J. Malhotra R.Neptune's migration into a stirred-up Kuiper Belt The Astronomical Journal, 130, pp.2392-2414, Nov.2005.Full text on arXiv.</ref>

Resonant trans-Neptunian object sections
Intro  Distribution  Origin  Known populations  Coincidental versus true resonances  Toward a formal definition   Classification methods   References   Further reading   

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