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Keller translation {{ safesubst:#invoke:Unsubst||$N=Unreferenced section|date=__DATE__ |$B= {{#invoke:Message box|ambox}} }} The book was translated by the American Muslim scholar Nuh Ha Mim Keller in 1991 and became the first translation of a standard Islamic legal reference in a European language to be certified by Al-Azhar.

Nuh included three introductory sections before the main work to form a user's guide to fiqh, as well as eight major appendices after the main work that consist of various topics, ranging from personal ethics and character to Islamic spirituality, for example traditional Islamic Sufism, and tenets of faith, and other famous classical Islamic texts such as Al-Ghazzali's Ihya’ ʿulum al-din and Nawawi's Riyadh as-Saaliheen. There is also a biographical section that lets the readers know who the figures mentioned throughout the book's legal texts are.

Certain sections of the book were left untranslated (although the original Arabic text is retained), as Nuh considered them irrelevant to modern societies. These parts include a section on slavery, describing the rights and duties of slaves and their masters, as well as some smaller sections such as, for example, a discussion on fixing utensils using gold.

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