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Contents A. Sacred Knowledge (pg. 1) B. The Validity of Following Qualified Scholarship (pg. 15) C. The Nature of Legal Rulings (pg. 27) D. Author's Introduction to 'Umdat al-Salik (pg. 47) E. Purification (pg. 49) F. The Prayer (pg. 101) G. The Funeral Prayer (pg. 220) H. Zakat (pg. 244) I. Fasting (pg. 277) J. The Pilgrimage (pg. 297) K. Trade (pg. 371) L. Inheritance (pg. 460) M. Marriage (pg. 506) N. Divorce (pg. 554) O. Justice (pg. 578) P. Enormities (pg. 649) Q. Commanding the Right and Forbidding the Wrong (pg. 713) R. Holding One's Tongue (pg. 726) S. Delusions (pg. 777) T. A Pure Heart (pg. 796) U. The Gabriel Hadith (pg. 807) V. Belief in Allah and His Messenger (pg. 816) W. Notes and Appendices (pg. 826) X. Biographical Notes (pg. 1019) Y. Works Cited (pg. 1116) Z. Indexes (pg. 1128)

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