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Obama should have shown humanity It was not Trump that Obama humiliated but all people, American people. A president that is not making fun of himself in these gatherings like George W. Bush did, but made fun of someone that was obviously not taking the roast well is not worthy of the African American heritage.

Obama should have stopped, I would have. He was mean, condescending, humiliating, to us, to the U.S.

It’s a great thing freedom of speech, it’s a great thing to be bold, it’s another to be mean and hammer this down on someone unfairly.

If you want to tango Obama, make sure the other person dances with you.

We didn’t dance with you. We didn’t want to tango with a tango in your presidency.

We lost faith in government so much because we trust ISIS more than your fucking office.

We know ISIS can’t be trusted, they are doing horrible things and they know it.

Your office don’t know when they are doing horrible things. Hillary don’t know when she screws up. Her values are not in line with who we are.

She forgot who she was a long time ago, when she dropped the Hippie’s glasses and the curly hair, she essentially looked like a grandma.

Well now she is a grandma that looks like Barbie, or in other words she looks like Brigitte Bardot except Brigitte Bardot is loved for her care of animals like humans. We don’t like the way Hillary treats us like cattle, she really thinks that we are stupid beyond belief. She’s done politics for too long, unstopped.

It’s one thing in the U.S. we don’t like: Mean people, meanness, and other jewry, we like kindness, the virtue of the gentiles. In French gentile means ‘kind, sweet’.

The jews have no sensitivity to humanity but only affinity for power and money. Marlon Brando asserted that, big balls. Very feminine body language in his role of The Godfather. Feminine gesture, yes, but very scary, because contrasted with massive balls.

So when Brando crossed his legs, he didn’t look like a girl, or Obama.

Trump will clean all this up. China, businesses, and all this stack of power built on false values.

How? It’s in the concepts.

Trump is equipped with what it takes to spin a country around the globe.

Trump is right when he calls a hero someone that don’t get captured.

My grandfather died when surrounded by the enemy. He didn’t surrender. That’s a true Hero, McCain not only is not a true hero, he is not a hero and his was whereabouts were nothing more than a soldier that returned home after going to the hell of wars.

McCain is no more hero than any soldier. Any soldier is as hero as McCain. Except true heroes don’t brag and make a political career built on this. They are usually reserved on the matter if not refusing to be called heroes. That’s what heroes are made of. Thanks much for your service, veterans.

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Obama should have shown humanity
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