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Obama Should have Shown Courage Obama you were until now the Supreme Commander of the United States. Why did you let a soldier let you refuse entry into a top secret area at your visit to a base. The rank between a soldier and the Supreme Commander of the United States is as far as it gets. Still you let him tell you what to do, you were freshly elected and announced to the world you didn’t have any. A large dick but no balls.

Have we lost control of the military in our government? If so who has access? Zuckenberg?

Obama, you insisted you did NOT disagree with the Federal Reserve. JFK did. He died with the jewels mama gave him. Catholic Mama, not …whatever you are….Muslim? You will die like a bandit with a nutcracker as sole gift for Christmas.

Courage is something Obama didn’t have in his presidencies. We need a president that can stand up to the world.

The world does not want women presidents, only the U.S. feminists and brainwashed ball-less future corporate slaves.

If you want to vote for your country, vote for a president that can handle a foreign policy with arabic nations, Xi Jinping, Duterte, Putin, and all nations whose leaders that culturally won’t be able to meet with a female president anyway - that’s against their religion, and culture.

What is our religion, our culture? Melting pot? We are united in our illusion of freedom of everything to the point that’s our Achille heel. See our total individuality as individuals make us extremely vulnerable as a nation.

We have nothing that unites us except the fact that we are all different.

We are so free to be different that we are prone to be brainwashed by the media that repeatedly claims at once the same thing over and over like a big brother of all.

As a nation we became Media dependent to assert our freedom.

We need to take our freedom back, and assert our freedom ourselves, with Trump we can be free again. But first we have to get our values straight.

Our U.S.A. has fallen into women’s culture, which is the jewish culture of the mother, the catholic culture of Saint Mary, the ball-less Black president. The eunuch culture.

Jews sanctify the mother that give them Jewdom. Catholics sanctify Mary who gave them Jesus.

Russian sanctify the bull who gave them balls. The Chinese, with their bald ones, are now getting the upper hands since the U.S. got neutered. The Phillipines, with their spanisho chinese balls, got tiny bald ones with red peppers. Essentially inflamed balls, that is Duterte’s power. He’s got some bumps.

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Obama Should have Shown Courage
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