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Hillary, the U.S.S.R. Ice Queen Relic Hillary is like the U.S.S.R. seen that, done that. Nobody believed in it any longer.

We don’t want to be radicalized by a relic, by the jewry, by the international bankers, by Wallstreet, by China, the Phillipines or other pseudo country that thinks that Dictatorial approaches work best with the masses.

We want a country strong like Hitler dreamt of, a country not led by finance, but by values and merit.

Hitler was new and truly genius in his views for the greatest future of humanity. If you don’t get that he was demonized and accused of the worst hills without cause….look at what’s going on over and over with the only presidential candidate that represents people.

Of course if you google “Hitler makes a joke”, watch the video of Hitler goofing up at the German parliament. You may wonder what kind of man he really was. He was a popular man. He was loved. He was saving Germans from usury.

Now usury is fully engaged and a globally legalized crime. Taking advantage of people because of numbers, how many numbers in their bank account. Finance gave rise to corporate crimes that is astonishing surging every year.

This is the cancer of the world and our country. As a leader the U.S.A. can fathom a better world for humanity, a world that even hard core muslim will love.

The jews will have to accept that they are not chosen outside of their own people. No special laws to protect their bad apples and no protectionism for Roman Polanski and other Lehman’s Brothers.

And yes the U.S. didn’t handle Snowden’s right. That guy was a whistle blower. But in such a corrupt state, where media and authorities don’t care about justice, rights, laws and people, he had to find refuge in forsaken Russia.

Maybe the U.S. and Russia should go hands in hands, for the sake of humanity. Maybe they should talk. Not with Kerry as a diplomat, but with someone that can make this world a better world, with all its greed and wants towards a common goal. Peace, Truth and Justice for All.

Trump is a visionary, and he is one of us.

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Hillary, the U.S.S.R. Ice Queen Relic
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