Get our Boys back from North Korea::Radicalization vs Eunuchs


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Get our Boys back from North Korea Seriously Kerry, if you wanted to help, get the american boy who got jailed in North Korea for taking home a propaganda banner to impress his classmates.

You can give them cash. That’s ok. Our boy needs to get home. That’s the deal.

So they have nukes, so do we. Why are we afraid of nukes thousand of miles away unless our military is caught with its pants down with no ammos, no CIA, no FBI, no Black OPS. What about our secret powers? Our Star Wars style technology that gets things done by surprise, stealthgngly. No more American superheroes, no more flashbangs, no more secret hackers that can get things done and open things remotely. Like to free our boy?

Only money now is powerful?

So we’ve got so behind that we are afraid of China, Russia and North Korea, and Iran. Wait a second, that’s the fantastic four of hell to our great nation?

Is Superman dead again? Optimus Prime corroded and Spiderman rotten?

Well… we gave all our power to finance. Finance doesn’t care about a country’s values, a country’s ethic, a country’s culture. All it cares about is the market.

The market is from the realm of commerce. We are talking Jewry.

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Get our Boys back from North Korea
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