All We Want is Truth::Radicalization vs Eunuchs


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All We Want is Truth Christians love Truth. Humanity love Truth in general if they only know what it is. In Asian countries like China, Truth is not necessary because they have each other as a community.

In the U.S, with our Nuclear families, very nuclear and small entourage, Truth needs to fill the gap of Trust so we all feel like brothers.

In China Truth is unnecessary, all Chinese are brothers.

Radicalization vs Eunuchs sections
Intro  Obama\u2019s Legacy\u2026Crooked Girl  Obama Sits Like a Girl  Get our Boys back from North Korea  Obama Should have Shown Courage  Obama\u2019s gun? long dick, no clips  Jewry\u2019s Bullshitocracy  All We Want is Truth  Humiliation of Trump, Trumpists, and all American workers   Obama should have shown humanity  Hillary, the U.S.S.R. Ice Queen Relic  Trump, welcome to the White Palace  

All We Want is Truth
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