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Further examples Some further examples of quantities are:

  • 1.76 litres (liters) of milk, a continuous quantity
  • 2πr metres, where r is the length of a radius of a circle expressed in metres (or meters), also a continuous quantity
  • one apple, two apples, three apples, where the number is an integer representing the count of a denumerable collection of objects (apples)
  • 500 people (also a count)
  • a couple conventionally refers to two objects
  • a few usually refers to an indefinite, but usually small, number greater than two.
  • quite a few also refers to an indefinite, but surprisingly (in relation to the context) large number.
  • several refers to an indefinite, but usually small, number - usually indefinitely greater than "a few".
  • OPEC has a few members

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