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World War III If only wars were serving the people. It never does, people are always the first victims. Rise my friends,rise, believe in concepts. There are the only truth that can stick. Until repressed, concepts are to be kept alive, for the sake of humanity.

World War III we won't see it. It will be a cyber war. It will be drone war, underwater war.

Petty wars, but worldwide, two big guys fighting for a piece of market, a free-market politician, a piece of territory. Markets, markets, markets.

Merchants war. Nothing to reshuffle the world's order. It's perfect as it is. The chosen people on top. America second, Asia coming third.

And of course there is Russia and Iran who just play the odds in a game they don't master. The rules are set.

They change forms, names, but they are the same, as there is only one power: power.

Anything else does not matter, does not exist, is negligible. In jewdom only markets matter. Nasdaq, CAC40, Fortune Companies.

If they are on the stock markets, they are pro Jewish. Otherwise they loose brass.

These are the rules of the exchanges.

Wars are only necessary to divide people, weaken people, exterminate people. Rich need us to be poor, so they can be rich. We make them rich, us the people.

We allow them to be rich, by our mediocrity, by our compassion, by our meekness.

Stop eating will you ? Feel the hunger, feel the rage, get primal and choose where you stand wisely, so you don't end up fighting yourself.

Jews feed on weaknesses, they need minorities to justify their citizenship. Jews need invalids, cripples and disabilities, so they take the government by force.... of influence. Pity parties make them strong. The biggest oppressors the world has ever known, they are. Hiding, sneaking behind so called good intentions, that cripple nations.

You want a strong nation? Virtues, values and accountability.

Jews are responsible for the world's ill. Know what makes you sick. Know what your jewish doctor's true Agenda is behind his mask. They hate you but will smile at you and make your their puppet.

The face of courage doesn't smile. In the face of the most bully people in the history of mankind, little should be said, and a lot should be done.

Not unlike our lawmakers, but like a fine tuned German machinery, people should do what is right. Strip the jews from their citizenship, so they don't take over humanity's soul in the process of their own selfish advancement.

This earth deserves to be a paradise, not for chosen people.

We won't see another war. Still, things will change, powers will change hands but we won't see a single thing, except maybe a temporary denial of service while doing online banking. It will show as:

"We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later".

Money moved, the rich is richer. You still go to work to pay for yesterday's lunch.

Imagine, a world where jews didn't circumcise you. Claiming cleanliness, when it's to avoid being found out as jews.

They can change their name. But they can't fix their dicks. So they cripple all of us. So they can go undercover when the storm comes.

And it's coming, because you can't stop evil. You just have to face it.

Face them, until then you won't grow any.

You won't know what living for what you believe feels like. It feels just right.
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World War III
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