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There is a Before and After this Book HItler's second book.

I regret you all will have to learn German. As the English translations are indeed, denatured, heavily censored, from all the enlightenment of the man who explained how he wanted to save Germany, from the slavery of international finances.

So as to save the Germans, he asserted values for a strong nation. That did not compute well with the jewry. They declared war on him via Churchill, a man of poor ethics, a heavy drinker, a rageaholic. Yes Churchill.

Churchill gave shelter to a certain De Gaulle A french General, during the war.

The Jews where not tortured in any ways, they became political prisoners, business owners put in camps.

No gas chambers ever existed.

Himmler was under Hitler and did not risk to go against his orders. However Himmler was a hater. He was made into fame as a scape goat. His temper would be associated with someone who made evils.

Association of ideas, is the prime tool for Jewish to distort the truth, purportedly, while at the same time claiming that's not what they said.

They play with people's mind. Mind tricks. Use prose. Advance writing technique, to portray information that advance their agenda. These are not facts, it's manipulation of perceptions.

De Gaulle didn't fight any battles. Confined in England the whole war. The jews didn't fight any battles, confined in concentration camps the whole war as prisoners.

The only jews that died in concentration camps died of old age.

A very few were executed for disciplinary actions.

When you run a camp, and you have a few misbehavior or crimes within the camp, it's war, you don't get sent to jail, you are executed.

Churchill was loosing the war, not only against Germany, but against Whisky. So he used new weapons against the German Army.

These new weapons called Chlorine Gas. Far more effective than mustard gas used in World War I.

The thing is that Chlorine got out of hands when the wind turned. And a lot of English soldiers died in the process of eradicating the German army. As a matter of fact, so many English soldiers died in the hands of unsober Churchill that it was hard to make him pass for the hero after the war.

So in order to forget about Churchill most astonishing atrocities. The jewish agenda invented just a monster that would be far bigger than an alcoholic victim of Whisky and turning winds.

The truth went out of the window. It served the jew. They could portray themselves as victims instead of cowards.

After all so many soldiers from all sides died on the front, in terrifying battles. All but jews where present. To this day the level of jews enrolling in U.S. wars are a very insignificant percentage, proportionally to its minority.

Then De Gaulle sold Jean Moulin, the chief of the resistance.

Jean Moulin was reporting to De Gaulle. But unlike De Gaulle, Moulin was on the fronts. Hiding in the mountains, creating massive headaches for the Germans.

When the war ended... Churchill was to be glorified and a French President put into place.

That's when De Gaulle sold Moulin not to the Gestapo, the German police. Moulin was arrested, but not tortured and killed.

Moulin was arrested by the French Police, who worked for the Germans as France was collaborating with Hitler.

The French Police got rid of Moulin so the uncontested leader of Free France would be De Gaulle, a general who did not fight any battle in World War II.

To cover his butt, De gaulle sent a message to the BBC, by authorization of Churchill, since De Gaulle was in England.

He asked the french people to rise to greet him. The few who had weapons, the resistance, went outside and shot at Germans.

That didn't make a single difference. It was all show so De Gaulle had any kind of role whatsoever in any combat.

What made the difference is that boats where sent to the coasts of Normandy. To make sure it was clearly a great battle, a lot died. Not jews, not De Gaulle, Americans mainly, Englishmen mainly.

Common folks. No French of many generations really got the worst of it as the French sent the minorities first, namely Spaniards and Portuguese, who had found refuge in France, escaping Franco and other dictators.

Come to think of it, Franco might have been a good guy too. But who cares? What difference does it make?

It makes the all difference in your world. It makes the difference whether you are going to work for people who you don't know for the next 50 years. It makes the difference, how much money you have every month if any.

That's power. It comes from truth, and in the case of our era, beliefs. When lies are taken as truth, as gospel. The only thing that remains are concepts.

So how did Germany won?

=Germany won WWII

Well, somewhere in between, the Jews and Hitler made agreements. Separation of power. Hitler won a piece of what he fought for. A lot of the discipline and responsibility he was aspiring for prevailed on the battlefields. Germany and the Germans prevailed as a country with a rich source of strong values. It is seen to this day as German's fame for robust precise engineering.

The jews wanted Israel. They got that.

The U.S. provided Hitler with America, Argentina to be exact, as a retirement place and pursuit of confined happiness.

Nazi's top researchers and doctors flew to America to keep on going the work and inspirations of the Fuhrer.

As for England, Satan saved the Queen. I mean Churchill, parasites, minions really.

As for France, well... it's complicated. They were always Nazi, from the get go. From the collaboration with the Nazis, to De Gaulle usurping the presidency like Fidel Castro did in Cuba, a military coup. To Francois Mitterand, who had two of his World War friends killed. My god [[Pierre Beregovoy] got killed by Mitterand's body guard,and Rene Poupon got terminated while under investigation for involvements during World War II. Finally under Mitterand, Klaus Barbie got a six months sentence for crime against humanity, now that one was not officially his friend, so he got away with murder.

And then there is Emmanuel Macron. Who one more time the left is going to steal the presidency from the National Front by creating a strong now Marine Le Pen National Front. By weakening the right in the first round of election. Extreme right wingers weakens the right wings by drawing on their electoral pool.

Marine Le Pen is the daughter of Jean Marie Le Pen, the french politician I had voted for. He is the man who started my all curiosity, as a man I trusted, who later denied gas chambers existence.

There is nothing as gas chamber denier, more as it is truth seeker.

There is nothing as anti-antisemitism, as it is upholding justice for what we human want it to be.

An institution that uses facts, for the good of humanity.

And of course Switzerland was neutral, meaning it was like the Catholic Church, always on the side of power, all along, it won't change in World War III.

Switzerland, very rich. Nazis finance. The Jews financed Hitler in the end. It all changed, it got all integrated. How much Nazi are you? really?

The other option is hypocrisy. I reckon I am one hundred percent Nazi. Zero percent hypocrite.

Jews on the other hand, are one hundred percent hypocrites. They have to, their nation is Israel. Their faith is Jewish, their homeland is not the west, has never been... but for political purposes, corruption of the highest kind. For what? to always live better than the rest of us. And why? Because we are their animals, their slaves, their employees, their helpers, their clients, theirs, theirs theirs.

Only World War III could save us from all this.

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There is a Before and After this Book
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