Refreshing::President Le Pen and Hitler Second Book


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Refreshing A page turner, me who didn't like to read books. Not that I had to before. I had Google. I had a Kindle.

But for that one I needed a non-bastardized book. With no strings attached, no political agenda, no political correctness, no BS.

I needed to get a clear cut idea of who was Hitler, as a man. Was he really a monster after all?

I found myself exhilarated by this piece of ....this masterpiece.

President Le Pen and Hitler Second Book sections
Intro  Gas Chambers Never Existed  Hitler Makes A Joke  Jews Killed By Gases  Hitler wrote two books  Hitler Second Book  A French Antique  Refreshing  A Masterpiece  American Most Wanted Jews  There is a Before and After this Book  World War III  

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