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Jews Killed By Gases I looked at the picture. Bodies had shiny high leather boots. Despite my young age I could tell these guys were not jewish but soldiers. So I read the fine lines under the picture:

"The war made many victims, including Jews."

Now I don't know if the teacher cared about the wording, but it didn't imply these were pictures of dead Jews.

So here I trusted an early childhood instinct, along with this modern Youtube video of a genuine footage of Hitler. Something that was certainly not available in my school in 1985, for technical and political reason.

Indeed Hitler didn't look like a monster at all in that video.

I then wondered what kind of guy he really was.

I started googling for books about Hitler. Titles were all about monstrosity and antisemitism.

This is not what I was looking for, I was looking to find out what kind of man he was. After all Germans elected him, and he made the entire parliament of Germany laugh. And finally he made me laugh 60 years later.

I found out that most books about Hitler were written by Jews. If not, they were published by Jews.

I resolved my book research, maybe I should just read Hitler's book: "Mein Kampf".

But reading the comments, I found out Hitler said of the book " It's not a good book, I regret I wrote it".

Who would spend the time to read a book when the author himself tells you it's a lemon?

Darn! I was loosing hope on my endeavor when I read another interesting comment.

"Hitler wrote two books."


I didn't know that.

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Jews Killed By Gases
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