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Hitler wrote two books His second book, despite the success of Mein Kampf in the United States, was never translated into English for the 60 years.

Strange, I thought. Why would someone not translate a book, in the language that is the most read, written by the most terrible man in the modern universe.

I read that a few English translation surfaced finally after more than 60 years. And they are not well written, not accurate and edited.

Well that doesn't help me. My German is limited to "Achtung". Which I clearly could hear in every single movie about World War II.

Then I read that only the German version survived:

"I am not going to learn God forsaken German, just to read a book" I thought.

Then the comment also stated a French version also exists, from a book written in 1952.

Now I could read that one; I am fluent in French, I wouldn't say I was lucky to be born in France.

I looked up the book. There is one available at the Paris National Library. When you say available, it has been checked out for the next 20 years.

You wonder.... Is that a joke? Is it available or not? Is it reserved? Or simply gone missing?

I wondered. What about all these strange things. This book seems more and more like a mystery.

I really got mightily interested in putting my hands on it.

I got more serious about getting that book. This book was not republished since 1952.

"Hitler's second book"

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Hitler wrote two books
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