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Hitler Makes A Joke I clicked on it.

I expected a horrible anti-jewish joke.

Well... I was dumbfounded. I actually laughed.

It was not antisemitic joke. Just Hitler in the german parliament, quite funningly reading a letter sent by the the United Nations to tell him, Hitler, the German Chancellor, to stop annexing sovereign countries.

That video.... awoke in me early childhood memories of my history class.

I remember the history teacher, covering World War II, commenting on a picture of stack of dead bodies.

"Jews killed by gases" said he the history teacher, 4th grade.

President Le Pen and Hitler Second Book sections
Intro  Gas Chambers Never Existed  Hitler Makes A Joke  Jews Killed By Gases  Hitler wrote two books  Hitler Second Book  A French Antique  Refreshing  A Masterpiece  American Most Wanted Jews  There is a Before and After this Book  World War III  

Hitler Makes A Joke
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